Rabbit food is for rabbits

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by Health Freak Eddy on September 20, 2011

This is for the newbies. Put down the rice cracker! Stop nibbling at that carrot stick! (…unless you are really enjoying it, …I guess
it’s possible).

Let’s think about what people mean when they say rabbit food. All those boring tasteless snacks the “health freaks” are nibbling on every other minute to keep themselves satisfied. So a lot of people then make the link: healthy = boring.

I disagree. First and foremost, healthy = nutrition.

Healthy food should be filled with all the vitamins, minerals, macronutrients and micro nutrients to fuel the body and let it do what it really wants to do; get well, get trim, get strong, get aroused. “Rabbit food” , generally speaking, is quite low in good nutrition. Even the “whole grain” toast your munching on don’t have that much, and even has things your body doesn’t want. That celery stick? Not bad, not amazing either. A lot of water and fibre.

OK, now your saying: if rabbit food isn’t nutritious, what is?

OK my response; what if the most nutritious foods were actually really tasty?

We are not rabbits. We have evolved over millions of years eating a mixture of natural foods in the form of animals, animal products, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. I think the most important one there is the animal products, that’s where we used to get our energy from. I’m not saying getting your 5 a day isn’t a good idea, but here’s another idea. Sometimes your tounge is tricked, and sometimes it really does know which foods to go after for good health, you just gotta know whats hapening.

Animal products are actually more nutrient dense than fruits and vegetables. By a long way, check out this excellent article by Richard Nikoley. It’s not always the case, but sometimes you have to go to some very particular plant products to find nutrient density thats beats them.

Many vitamins are fat soluble, when you have skimmed milk you miss out on all the vitamins and minerals which are held in the fat of natural milk, as it was meant to be drank by the calf.

So nutrition can come from naturally raised; meat, fish, fowl, eggs as well as some fruit and veggies.

I know what the next question is: Yes Eddy I love eggs and bacon this makes sense but how am I going to lose weight when calories in those are diabolical?

Ok first myth: Calories in and calories out determines weight. Not true. And again. Gary Taube’s book “Good Calories Bad Calories” is also a pretty definitive guide to this.

Second myth: You need carbohydrate for all your energy. Remember back in school? Both fat and carbs can make energy. If you can teach your body to use a bit more fat for energy, guess what? It will use up fat you already have to.

Still not sure? Here another fact: The only way to store fat in fat cells is by using that famous hormone called insulin. What makes insulin come out to play? Sugar in your blood. Bread, pasta, juice, fizzy drinks, sweets, cake, biscuits, low fat yoghurts, yes and even fruit.

A bit is alright. But there is so many more reasons out there why you shouldn’t have too much.

Ok so if this sounds interesting to you, or very different from everything you heard before but never worked, you need to find out about paleo nutrition.

I recomend some good links on my blogroll, and will deffinately be talking about similar topics in the future.

Let me know your thoughts!

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